How Does It Work?


Email is sent to guest 24 hours prior to arrival, prompting them to pre-register at their own convenience and comfort.


All online payment is done during this process. Guests can an choose to pay with any major credit card.


Once payment is made, guest has registered successfully. A QR code with confirmation details will be shared for guest to keep and present upon arrival at hotel, for key collection.


Check-out can be done on the same platform. Guest will be prompted with an email. Once completed, the room key will be disabled.

How can it benefit you?


Guests are able to register prior to arrival, and check-out via the web or on their mobile device through the simple use of a QR code and with easy to follow instructions; without the hassle of having to download any applications.


Platform can be customised based on different country regulations, and is fully commissions-free.

Customer Centric

Guests are able to customise their stay with different hotel offerings, make payment online, save time and more importantly, minimise face-to-face engagement to protect their own well-being.


Promote Upsell

Platform provides a helpful channel for upselling and allows for customisation based on individual guest preference.