How Does It Work?


Guest scans a QR code in the room which directs them to the hotel guest services page.


Guest can order in-room dining through the platform.


Guest can ask for any required service through the platform. For instance, pick up of laundry or luggage; request for extra towels, etc.


Each guest request goes directly to the designated department for their action.


Guest can also purchase other items through the online shop.

What are the benefits?

Guest will not need to use or touch the in-room phone if they do not wish to do so.

Guest’s requests can be saved in the system for future reference.

Request goes directly to designated department and this shortens the waiting and fulfilment time.

There is no longer a need for printed compendiums or in-room dining menus, which is a significant contribution towards sustainability.

Platform is able to generate monthly reports and statistics that can provide insights for operational planning and marketing strategies.

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